Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Cure for Cancer..

Apparently lies in sleeping on Tempur-pedic mattresses from the wild amount of advertising online, but really how comfortable are they? Always been curious about them and two of my coworkers who have slept in them claim that they live up to the billing. Experience is always the best guide, so time to go sleeping around!

Monday, October 19, 2009

We need to get production going...

Straight from PP:
"I really hate the sun starring at me when I drive that makes me blind."
I think this is ample evidence to say we need to get those SuperVisors and Solarixx rolling off the assembly line. Now if we just knew where to build the factory...

Return of PP

PP got back from China a couple of days ago and despite the horrible jet-lag is going in for her first day of work today! Exciting times.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Suspended Animation

This article is pretty fascinating. Basically using hydrogen sulfide, a scientist is able to put a rat into essentially suspended animation for almost an hour, then bring it back with no problems. The medical implications of this are pretty awesome since people with deadly diseases could be suspended until a cure can be found. Too late for Ted "The Iceman" Williams, but could potentially save millions of lives in the future.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Recently, I discovered this little Facebook app/game called Fellowship. While it is not the most sophisticated RPG out there, it has a certain charm to it that's certainly endearing it to my heart. You start off creating your fellowship of 6 party members, then you go out and do quests/get loot. That's about as simple as it is yet it is still incredibly amusing and addictive at the same time. Your play time is limited by a stamina stat that regens 1 point per 10 minutes so it's not a time hog. The combat is actually pretty hard with each encounter being rather challenging and requiring a certain degree of planning. The payoff feels pretty good though when you survive a Very Hard encounter with everyone having a sliver of life.
Mages are overpowered!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giving Up the Ghost

My Xbox360 and I have been through quite a lot. From Veg Outs to Vegas, BF2 to BF2142, Viva Pinata to Dynasty Warriors, Bachelor to Groom, the Xbox360 has seen its fair share of Cucumber history. However, this weekend, the dreaded RROD finally popped up, ending our brief but torrid affair. I noticed strange green tint on powering up Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires and confirmed the GPU was fried when ODST presented many many purplish lines across the screen. On trying to power it up one more time to save stuff to the memory card, it finally RRODed. I pawned off a bunch of old games at pennies on the dollar to get a new 360 from gamespot, but today, it dawned on me that it might still be under warranty! According to my blog, I purchased this console in December of 2006. Since Microsoft extended the warranty to 3 years on RROD, this potentially means I can return my 360 for repairs! Perhaps I will take back the new 360 and get a PS3 instead...