Thursday, March 26, 2009


I cannot believe the ignorance down here and am truly ashamed to be living in Texas where people simply ignore centuries of evidence-backed research in order to promote a fictitious theory completely unsupported by evidence.

The Evolution of Online Dating?

This discussion on design concepts for a "new" genre of gaming is quite amusing. Even though online pR0n sites are probably light years ahead of whatever these industry big shots can come up with! -_-;

Monday, March 16, 2009


Party on Sunday turned out to be pretty cool. The original purpose was for everyone to meet Mrs. deathKnight, but she canceled at the last moment because her aunt called and they decided to go shopping instead. There was a bit of confusion about when the party was supposed to begin so most people arrived late. Lunch was a potluck of sorts with many people bringing different dishes. PP's ribs (2 varieties) were both delicious and very well received.

After the party, we played pictionary! =VGI= regularly plays games of iSketch so most of them can attest to my tremendous drawing capabilities, especially when it comes to bugs of all shapes and sizes. We had 9 people so we split up into 3 teams. Papaya/Mango/SSS (Team PMS) vs BluPnutMM couple/nCubic (Team BMW) vs Cucumbernator/PP/deathKnight (Team CPK). Our team sprinted out to a pretty commanding lead of at least half the board when BitterPotato arrived on the scene after his church services and joined team BMW. His impact soon changed the balance of the game as our team got stuck on an all-draw orange square and saw our lead dwindle down to 3 spaces. However, after 4 rounds we got out of that orange square and proceeded to run away with the rest of the game to pull out a hard-drawn victory! Pizza > Car > Moodiness

Monday, March 09, 2009

Size does matter?

You thought your gaming rig was uber....Check out this one. I especially liked the test where they opened up all programs.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Curiosity killed the...

So I have been morbidly curious about Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li since the film's release. I have read the reviews and they are all universally bad. You would think I would take the hint, but I remained curious about the movie but didn't want to pay the money to see it at the theater. It was at this juncture that PP came to the rescue and found the awesome "DVD" version. It took forever but eventually, I fully acquired this "DVD."

This movie sucked....bad...The fighting sucked, the acting is atrocious, I can't believe they got 1st Lt. Buck Compton to play M. Bison, the plot was retarded, even the ambient noise in the theater where the guy video taped it was bad. At the end of the movie, you can hear members of the audience mockingly cheering that it was over. The movie ends with a ridiculous lead up to the next movie as Gen (Liu Kang from mortal combat) lifts this flyer and talks about some fighter named "Ryu."

Friday, March 06, 2009

And they would have gotten there faster if they accepted me!

Congrats to the MIT Basketball team on making it into the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history. However, they probably would have gotten there sooner if they had accepted me when I was a 7 foot 11 high school senior applying to their school! Apparently, on my application to MIT, they misread my height to be 7'11 instead of 5'11. One day, I received a call from the MIT athletic director:

Director: It says here that you are 7'11 and listed basketball among your extracurricular activities? Is this true??
Me: ... Sorry, that must have been some kinda mistake, I do like basketball but I am only 5'11..
Director: Oh...well you know MIT doesn't offer any athletic scholarships right?
Me: I didn't know that....
Director: Okay, well good luck on the application process.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Extreme Deliciousness: Day 2

Sunday started off in the morning with a visit to Round Rock Donuts. BluPnutMM told me about this awesome custom donut shop that made rather large donuts. I wasn't really impressed until I actually walked in the shop and saw it. This donut was humongous and was probably about the size of a life preserver.

This donut was not only large, but extremely tasty. It was even featured in the Travel Channel program: Man Vs. Food. The glaze they use is a special proprietary glaze developed completely in house. They also offered donut holes, danish, kolaches, and regular sized donuts (stuffed, glazed, cake). The donut was so good that I decided to bring one home to share with the coworkers.

After the early morning sugar rush, we decided to have a nice picnic outdoors at a park. We got some Schlotzskys sandwiches and fruits, picked up the lovable Teddy and drove to the park. The weather was perfect with the sun shining and a nice cool riverside breeze blowing in. I attempted to tire out Teddy by throwing his toys as far into the lake as possible, but he just kept retrieving it and bringing it back. Sadly, we had to leave after a couple of hours in order to drive back to H-Town. This weekend was fantastic and I would like to thank the BluPnutMM couple, as well as MasterMusician for their wonderful hospitality. Much thanks to GooseLiverLover for the awesome photography!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Extreme Deliciousness: Day 1

The spectacular weekend in Austin was filled with much fun in the sun and deliciousness. We left on Saturday morning and made it into The BluPnutMM couple's apartment complex at around noon. After a light lunch, we headed off to park with lots of rocks #1. We did a bunch of hiking over some relatively rough terrain while GooseLiverLover took many amusing photos of us. The wind was super strong that day causing all kinds of chaos with hair. Afterwords, we had some hot cocoa and latte at a nice riverside coffee shop while taking some more pictures then went to park with lots of rocks #2 which featured these sheer cliffs on the side of the highway. There was a lone tree at the top growing out of the rocks causing the whole scene to look like it was out of some Wu-Xia movie...minus the sound of traffic right below of course.

The highlight of the day was a trip over to the Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX. This BBQ restaurant is the mother of all BBQ restaurants. The meat is cooked over an open flame as opposed to the usual closed grill and the meat is as fresh as you can get it. The Salt Lick is essentially surrounded by ranches where cattle and pigs are raised. The place is so popular, they had multiple police officers on the premise just to keep the traffic flowing and the crowd orderly. When we finally parked and went to the receptionist, we found out there was about an hour long wait for a table and that this waiting time was actually considerably shorter than the regular weekend waiting times of 2-3 hours for a table. It was a rather chilly and windy day, but Salt Lick had these giant tents set up with space heaters for the waiting masses. They even had live performances inside the tents for entertainment. It's also BYOB for drinks so you had families with big coolers filled with beer and wine just sitting inside the wait areas drinking it up.

We finally got a table about 40 minutes into the wait and the food was on! We had 6 people and 4 of us got the $18.95 all you can eat family deal. Basically, you get this big dish of meat (sausage, brisket, pork spare ribs) that is infinitely refilled. The first bite into a pork spare rib was pure euphoria. It was tender, perfectly seasoned, and the meat basically melted in your mouth. The sausage was good, but not super awesome OMGWTFBBQ good, while the brisket at first, didn't appear to be that good. However, MasterMusician soon requested the marbled brisket and it made a huge difference. The marbled brisket blew my mind as I had never had such good brisket before. Soon, I was struggling between deciding which to eat as I only had limited stomach capacity and two delectable meat factions battling for dominance. We managed to pull through 3 plates of food and just a little of the 4th platter. To our delight, we found out that you could actually bring whatever you couldn't eat home! Don't think I have ever gone to an all-you-can-eat restaurant that allowed patrons to bring the food least legally.

We tried to hit up the Elephant Lounge afterwords for a little jazz bar experience, but the artists there were covering Myles Davis that day and the line was literally out the door. We managed to get a little jazz experience while waiting in line, then headed home shortly afterwords for a fun-filled night of Pictionary.