Friday, May 22, 2009

Punch Out....

Feel so tempted to get a Wii JUST to play this...Such fond memories of playing the NES version in that little free arcade machine in the MCLLU lounge....

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Lemony trip to Austin

Spent this weekend hanging out with Lemon and half-BluPnutMM couple in Austin (other half in China). The weekend seemed to focus mainly on the taste of Texas over any actual touristy attraction so here's a brief summary of the eats:

Dinner-Friday: Louisiana Longhorn Cafe-We went here specifically to eat crawfish as Lemon had never had this before. I had hoped it would be fresh crawfish, but it turned out to be rather old crawfish that had probably sat in the pot for the whole day. The key to being able to learn how to efficiently eat crawfish is for the crawfish to be fresh. Because this wasn't true, Lemon had quite a difficult time learning how to actually peel the crawfish. The seasoning was good, but the crawfish really didn't taste good because of the non-freshness.

Brunch-Saturday: Kerbey Lane Cafe-Salt Lick was planned for dinner so this was to be a light brunch. Lemon had the full stack of pancakes and some sausage. To our surprise, he ate it all, and seemed none too worse for wear. It wouldn't be the last time he surprised us with his intestinal prowess.

Dinner-Saturday: Salt Lick-This was the big event of the trip. We specially ordered the marbled brisket for the occasion and it did not disappoint.

The pork ribs were a bit tough the first plate, but the following 3 plates all had tender ribs. I am not sure how much meat we consumed, but I think we were all sick of meat by the end...maybe.

Brunch-Sunday: Round Rock Donuts-I challenged Lemon to eat an entire Round Rock Donut by himself thinking it would actually be a challenge. Lemon annihilated the donut easily and even had a pint of chocolate milk afterwords to wash it down. We are not worthy!

It rained the entire Saturday so most of our outdoor planned activities were a scratch. As a result we had to resort to indoor activities to work off those calories. We bowled several games at a local fun center and played several games of pool at Slick Wiley's. I demonstrated my awesome aptitude in pool by losing 2 games by scratching the 8-ball and missing the 8-ball on an easy winning shot while setting Lemon up for the win. During the evenings, we played Texas Hold'em. Lemon won the first game, I won the second game, and PP won the last game with a pair of Aces on the River. The weather did finally clear up on Sunday and we were able to go kayaking before Lemon's departure.

Thursday, May 14, 2009



Monday, May 11, 2009

Biggest Loser: Finale

The 10 week biggest loser competition at work is finally over and I finished in 4th place, losing 18lbs. The winner ran away with the competition losing 42 lbs for over -16% total weight lost. The pot ended up being $412 from the initial $20 fee and the accumulated penalties each week. ($5 for missed weigh in, $1 per pound gained). My goal for the competition was to lose 20 lbs and to not pay any money in. I was doing fine all the way until the last week when I gained 2 lbs and had to pay $2. Overall, I have lost 34lbs since the Vegas trip and hope to lose about 15-20lb more. Luckily, I am planning a trip to China in June where I will be eating super healthy, including but not limited to: Peking Duck, Pork buns, Fried Chicken Wings, Sweet and Sour ribs, Lamb-kabobs, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Austin Trek

Going to Austin this weekend to hang out with Lemon who is in town for a conference. The plan is for tasty meat from Salt Lick and death by donuts from Round Rock Donuts. Should be a good time!