Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cold Snap

Why is the weather so strange here? Last night, it was a comfortable 71 F outside. I wake up this morning and it's 40s. Forecasts say the temperatures will drop below freezing later in the day. What the heck? My one hope is that it starts snowing and we all get the next week off and can sit home and play Xbox 360 all day long while looking up random Clay SOME people who will stay unnamed. Did I forget to mention that said SOME people also just got back from Hawaii for Thanksgiving break AND received a FREE Xb0x360 for "evaluation" purposes? Those MS people get all the benefits.

The best I can hope for is if my boss decides I should get some free barrels of crude oil to test our refining software. Yeehaw, so much better than Xbox...At least I can set them on fire to stay warm. Can your Xbox do that? I think not!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Some people have requested this movie. It basically details some of the encounters in Karazhan. Shows the "Wizard of Oz" encounter in the opera house and the Chessboard room. The opera house fight is especially cool since all the characters are there and each have their own trick.

Cowardly Lion-> Can be feared indefinitely
Scarecrow -> Vulnerability to Fire
TinMan -> Can be hit by frost based attacks to cause "rust", slowing it down by 10% and stacks up to 8 times
Dorothy -> Summons dog to fight as well as tossing around water bolts (water kills wicked witch at end, hence the water bolts)

After you kill all 5, the wicked witch spawns. The witch fight looks really cool with the whirlwinds spinning you up into the air.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Not so Potluck

What was "supposed" to be a potluck, turned into a dinner/movie type of deal. Last year, we actually had enough people to have a potluck. This year, we only had 6 people and being the lazy person that I am, I didn't want to cook a turkey (easiest thing in the world) just for that. We just decided to go to Fuddrucker and then watch Casino Royale.

One of the first things that struck me was early on in the movie, we see Bond driving around and the camera slowly pans up his shiny new car (Strangely, doesn't look like a "Bond" car). The logo slowly comes into view and it's a.........Ford? Since when did Bond drive around in a Ford? I can see it now, "OMG, I Sooo want that 2006 Ford Taurus "Bond" edition!!!" Of course, the REAL bond car is unveiled later in Montenegro.

I really need to get to the bahamas. I mean, where else can you find bikini-clad women riding around in the surf on horses while little happy children chase after them. The scene was just so ridiculous in my mind...There is a reason why cowboys ride horses in jeans and NOT shorts. It's called chafing. Even with a saddle, it still causes bruises. This lady was essentially naked and riding saddle-less.

Another interesting observation is that James Bond is probably just Wolverine in disguise. In one of the earlier scenes, his face gets horribly scratched up while trying to save a jumbo jet. In the next scene, you see his face and it seems to have open wounds and scars everywhere. However, in the next scene on a train, his face is absolutely perfect. No signs of scratches or scars anywhere! According to Blupnutmm (registered nurse now! Grats!), being defibbed is not the most pleasant feeling in the world and the person would suffer from some serious side effects for a while after the zap. Bond however, gets defibbed and is back playing poker as if nothing is wrong within minutes. As much of a WoW addict as I am, I don't think I would be able to just jump back and start playing again after a defib...well okay, maybe for Naxx or something.

Overall though, the movie was great. I loved how witty the dialog was between Bond and Vesper. It actually seemed like they were discussing on some equal level instead of the usual male-dominated Bond dialog.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So Touching....

This is possibly the best movie of all time!! Shame on you Mol for killing all those poor innocent turtles for their scales!!!!! -_-p

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Treeform dance

I thought the moonkin dance was out of control...but this.... Might I remind people that this is supposed to be a freaking TREE. How the heck can a tree twist like that without breaking itself.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TBC Crafts

Found some cool information here about the new stuff that can be crafted in TBC. I think the best thing ever will be the portable Mailbox. Considering I use my mailbox almost like a bank, this would be just like having a mobile bank. So awesome!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Guitar Paragon

ZOMG.... This is just crazy, this song lasts almost 10 minutes.....I know my wrists are gonna be sooo freaking tired when I get GH2.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Change of Surroundings

My guilding experiences in WoW have been a very mixed bag at best. While I have met lots of very nice people, the endgame organization of these guilds had a lot to be desired. As such, after much thinking, I decided to try my hand at applying to a "raiding" guild. After much research, I decided to try to get into Ethereal. Two of my friends from WoW were already in it and it offered a good mix of casual game play with strong organization in Raids. I didn't know which of my billion alts to apply with since the guild was rather full on just about all classes...except druids.

To my surprise, I was actually able to get into the guild Hunter. This came as quite a shock as the hunter corp was listed as full on the website. This is pretty exciting as my hunter was actually the least played, but ironically best geared of my characters at level 60. Hopefully I will get to pull MC for the new guild as I found that to be one of the most exciting parts. Otherwise, hunter is pretty boring in raids: Shoot, Aimed Shot, Shoot, Shoot, Multi Shot, Shoot -> Repeat. Maybe throw in a Feign Death midway if agro is getting out of hand.