Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Don't want to get BF2: SF? Don't care about the new maps but still want to unlock your SF weapons? Well no worries. This amazing little trick was discovered by someone over at the gamefaq boards.

Simple steps:
1. Retrieve your account on a machine that has SF installed (friend's computer, stolen computer, etc etc)
2. Play 1 round of a SF map to trigger the unlocks.
3. Pick up your unlocks.
4. Upon logging on at your own machine, provided that you have 1.12 installed, you can now select the SF unlocks in vanilla BF2 without having to buy SF!

BF2 Unlocks Vs. BF:SF Unlocks

I am gonna try some hardcore copy/pasting to attempt to compare the different guns. New gun stats will be followed by old gun stats. Stats are all copied over from BF2s and Team RiNo. All credits for gun info go to them (don't sue me, I'm broke!)

Magazine Capacity: 600
Magazines: 3
Rate of Fire: 100
Damage: 30
Fire Modes: Full Auto / Burst
Accuracy: Medium
Min Deviation: 0.75
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 2.0 / 1.5 / 0.8
Deviation Added per Shot: 0.8
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.8
Recoil: 0.25 - 0.45
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.5

Magazine Capacity: 100
Magazines: 3
Rate of Fire: 600
Damage: 45
Fire Modes: Full Auto
Accuracy: Low
Min Deviation: 0.8
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 2/1.5/0.8
Deviation Added per Shot: 0.4(0.8)
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.8
Recoil: 0.25/0.45
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.50

Bottom Line: I initially thought the MG36 was a worthy weapon, but after using it for a bit, I would probably never use it over the PKM. The accuracy of both guns are nearly identical but the PKM does a whopping 15 more damage per shot than MG36. The only advantage of the MG36 is that it has a burst mode so in theory, you can conserve ammo better. But this is the support class which basically has infinite ammo anyways. PKM all the way.


Magazine Capacity: 30
Magazines: 3
Rate of Fire: 600
Damage: 34
Fire Modes: Full Auto / Semi Auto
Accuracy: Medium / High
Min Deviation: 0.34
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 1.3 / 1.2 / 1.0
Deviation Added per Shot: 2.5
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.8
Recoil: 0.4 - 0.6
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.8

Magazine Capacity: 20
Magazines: 5
Rate of Fire: 600
Damage: 40
Fire Modes: Single/ Full Auto
Accuracy: Medium
Min Deviation: 0.50
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 1.5/1.3/1.0
Deviation Added per Shot: 0.25(2.5)
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.8
Recoil: 0.3-0.5
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.7

Bottom Line: I don't play assault too much so I don't have much familiarization with the G3. From pure stats, I would say the F2000 is a better gun than the G3. It is more accurate in all instances. The damage of 34 vs 40 isn't really that dramatic since it's a 3 shot kill for either gun from full life. The F2000 does come with a scope AND it has a grenade launcher attachment. I would probably take F2000 over G3 in all instances.


Magazine Capacity: 30
Magazines: 3
Rate of Fire: 900
Damage: 32
Fire Modes: Burst / Semi Auto
Accuracy: High
Min Deviation: 0.25
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 1.3 / 1.2 / 1.1
Deviation Added per Shot: 2.5
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.8
Recoil: 0.3
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.8

Magazine Capacity: 30
Magazines: 5
Rate of Fire: 600
Damage: 32
Fire Modes: Single/ Full Auto
Accuracy: Medium/High
Min Deviation: 0.3
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 1.5/1.3/1.2
Deviation Added per Shot: 0.3(2.5)
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.8
Recoil: 0.3-0.5
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.6

Bottom Line: The G36E is more accurate in all categories except when zoomed. It has less deviation per shot as well as less recoil (except when zoomed). Major disadvantage of G36E is that it does not come with full auto mode so for close quarters, it isn't quite as effective as L85. The G36E also uses iron sights instead of a scope. I would probably use the G36E for almost all instances.


Magazine Capacity: 20
Magazines: 3
Rate of Fire: 600
Damage: 24
Fire Modes: Full Auto / Semi Auto
Accuracy: Low / Medium
Min Deviation: 0.37
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 1.3 / 1.0 / 0.9
Deviation Added per Shot: 2.5
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.75
Recoil: 0.4 - 0.6
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.7

Jackhammer MK3A1:
Clip Size: 7
Magazines: 6
Damage: 15x8
Accuracy: Low
Fire Modes: Full Automatic
Accuracy: Low
Min Deviation: 1.5
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: -/-/-
Deviation Added per Shot: 0.3(3)
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.9
Recoil: 4
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 1

Bottom Line: Well these guns are vastly different since one is an auto shotgun and one is a SMG. The 20 round clip on the MP7 is somewhat of an annoyance. I would probably still take the MP7 over the Jackhammer for those medium encounters.


Magazine Capacity: 30
Magazines: 3
Rate of Fire: 600
Damage: 27
Fire Modes: Full Auto / Semi Auto
Accuracy: High
Min Deviation: 0.22
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 1.5 / 1.2 / 1.1
Deviation Added per Shot: 1.6
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.75
Recoil: 0.3 - 0.5
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.75

Magazine Capacity: 30
Magazines: 5
Rate of Fire: 600
Damage: 25
Fire Modes: Semi/Full Auto
Accuracy: High
Min Deviation: 0.12
Deviation Standing/Crouching/Prone: 1.5/1.2/1
Deviation Added per Shot: 0.15(2.0)
Deviation Mod when Zoomed: 0.6
Recoil: 0.2-0.4
Recoil Mod when Zoomed: 0.50

Bottom Line: G36C is more accurate by all accounts. It has less/same deviation on all acounts and insanely less recoil added per shot. I would probably still take the G36C over SCAR-L even though SCAR-L does 2 more damage per shot.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Great time was had by all!

Thankgiving was great this year. We had the usual gathering of massive amount of friends. We all had a nice dinner on the friday after Thanksgiving (at this Wolfgang Puck's) and about 12 people came to my house for a nice jam session with Guitar Heroes. I was able to procure a second guitar from Red Octane just in time for this. Everyone had lots of fun, but the highlight of the day was watching two brothers (both of whom play guitar in real life) duel it out. The younger brother was able to hit the insane solo to near perfection on "Bark at the Moon"

Speaking of Guitar Hero, I cannot say enough about how incredibly fun this game is. The SG controller just feels right in your hands. The 30 core songs are not played by their original artists, but the programmers did an astounding job replicating the song. So well in fact that the brothers couldn't even tell they were replicas!

I have been playing this game like a maniac the past couple of days. Playing to the point that whenever I hear guitar music, I see multitudes of greens, reds, yellows, blues, and the cursed oranges. So far, I have been able to to get 5 stars on almost all the songs (1 song with 4) on medium. I am having trouble on the last couple of songs on the 6th venue on hard difficulty. I just cannot shift that fast.

Saturday was bowling night. Using my awesome spin technique, I was able to consistantly place the ball at the same location every toss. It's just unfortunate that this particular place was always the far left 3 pins. We had a friendly competition going between "my" gang and "BlupnutMM's" gang. We thoroughly crushed them the first game despite my doing my best to drag the team down. We lost the second game on a technicality (They bowled better scores...).

Seems like a fun time was had by all since I have gotten 2 person's laments about having to go back to school/work in distant locales. Hopefully everyone can gather at Christmas time for more fun!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A New Hope

There might be some spectre of hope left for Kansas as the intellectual community is finally taking a stand against Intelligent Design (which claims that because of their own gross stupidity and failure to do well in 6th grade science classes, believers claim that God must have created the universe.)

I find this an amusing argument. A scientist once proposed a question: "Can God create a rock that he himself could not lift" If he can, then he wasn't all powerful since he couldn't lift the rock. If he cannot, then he wasn't all-knowing since he couldn't create something.

The religious type people's argument against this was that "God is beyond logical reasoning so the argument is invalid". However, Intelligent Design tries to portray God as creating the universe in a logical manner thereby assuming that God IS NOT beyond logical reasoning.

You know, if you are gonna make something up, at least have the logic to make them agree with each other.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Gold Star!

Grapes and I were spewing out BF2 quotes with a holiday twist. Some include:

Enemy pumpkin pie spotted!!
Attack this Ham!!
I need gravy!! STAT!!
I am bingo on napkins!!

Now these weren't the best, but some of them were decently clever... then Grapes unleashed his entire repetoire....

"you're the finest squash I've ever laid eyes on"

I admit defeat.....I cannot handle the punishment.....

Possible Changes?

In keeping with the overall BF2 theme, some possible changes to BF2 are currently being considered.


-Remove TK penalty from claymores/AT Mines/C4
(C4 jeep is better than ever, not only do I get the kills, but I can now indiscriminately kill Catnipped and GrapesOfWrath! /thumbsup)

-Longer reload time for jets/choppers
(Don't fly, so no real opinion)

-Better implemented points system based on the "Difficulty Rating" for the kill. i.e. Tank killing infantry gets less points than infantry killing tanks
(Makes sense, sooo since I shot KiraTomato's jet down with a FAV machine gun, I should get like 23452352353 points right? =)

Monday, November 14, 2005

For all the AT fans..

Seems like this blog is becoming more and more like a BF2 commentary page. Meh, for those of you who love to play AT, here are some very important resources on just how much damage hits do on different vehicles at different locations. It's on a 20 HP scale so a 9 is roughly half damage.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Amazing Comeback

The setting: Daqing Oilfields
The sides: Team Veggies for USMC, random Infidels on PLA
Previous Round: 110-0 defeat @ Dalian Plant

We start the round well, immediately capping several points. However, they had air superiority and the game quickly turned into a lopsided affair. We were constantly down by over 50 points.

Then came the turning point: as the score was 84-30, miraculously, our team started to mount a comeback. All of a sudden, their airpower was no longer as obvious. They lost point after point, and pretty soon we controlled almost the entire map. Soon it was 70-24, then 36-14. Our tickets continued to dwindle but their tickets plunged. At the end, we pulled out an amazing 6-0 victory. Definitely the greatest game Team Veggie ever played!

This game broke the morale of the opposing side as many of them left. The next round was a complete rout as we won 179-0.

Friday, November 04, 2005

More awards for BF2

Most people agree that BF2's awards system is a great motivational system to encourage players to play well. However, like any award system, some soldiers are always left out. Well, fear no more, as these new awards will surely fill in that hole for all those unrecognized heroes. Hoo-ra!