Saturday, July 30, 2005

March of the Penguins

BluPnutMM recently watched March of the Penguins. Today, during bowling, she was telling us about how the male penguin watches the egg for 4 long months while the mommy just sorta goes off and feasts to her hearts content. She suggested that the human race should be the same and that her significant other should watch over the newborn for the first 4 months. This is good and all... if humans layed eggs. We then went into an interesting debate about the size of a human egg.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


When I first saw the previews, I thought: Hmm, this movie sure has a lot of things blowing up. Well, it blows alright, it blows a lot. This review is great, it's funny but does contain adult language.

What the heck???!!

It seems that Apple has switched from IBM based chips to Intel!!!!!OMGWTFBBQ based chips for their Desktops and Notebooks. That's like asking a Charr for heart surgery...

Half Full

According to "Real Fact: 100" under this Snapple Cap: "In a year, the average person walks four miles making his or her bed." This is interesting because I haven't actually "made" my bed since oh... 3rd grade. While some may say that I am lazy, I prefer to think that I am still in the "process of making my bed" and that as an overachiever, I am just walking above and beyond the number of average miles required. ^^b

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Random GW pictures

Maybe I should go out and kick a squirrel, that's probably enough to lvl me...

I hope he has a good Dentist..

How many livestock are you worth?

After reading this article, I got to thinking: How much livestock would you be worth? For me, I would say probably 20 chickens and 5 cows. If I could cook better, maybe bump it up to 6 cows or so...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Computer Geek Calender

Patronus got me a Computer Geek Calender last Christmas. It contains some amusing and otherwise very true sayings dealing with all things Geeky. I figure, I might as well share them here everyday. (In other words, nothing interesting happened today)

Microsoft Joke
I had a fortune cookie the other day and it said: "Outlook not so good." I said, "Sure, but Microsoft ships it anyway."

Monday, July 25, 2005

Something new

Yesterday, I went bowling with some friends. Usually, I just use the "straight" method where you hold the ball and just sorta toss it casually at the pins. However, this time I wanted to try something different so after the first game (121) I decided to try to spin the ball like the pros do it. This was quite a painful learning process. First, I thought they didn't use the holes at all, this led to several memorable tosses where the ball nearly flew into the next lane over since I had absolutely no control over where the ball went. It was then that I learned they actually DID use the holes!

It turns out that they only use the index and middle fingers to control the ball as it spins. This went better and I tried this method for 2 more games (67, 78). The problem is that when I throw it right, I get a strike, but then I would waste it with several bad attempts to imitate the throwing motion of the strike and end up with double gutters. With more practice, I know I can toss it with more consistency. Expectedly, my score took a dive, but even at less than 50% ability, I bet I still doubled Kabitzin's score ^^b.

During this whole time, we had other people (mostly parents and little kids) bowling with their training rails up next to us. One time, this little kid next to us literally threw a ball so slowly that after going almost halfway, it actually stopped, then slowly started coming back. I wonder how you would score this.

This girl 2 lanes down had a very unique throwing motion. She was tossing the ball with both hands onto the rails on purpose and hoping the rails would somehow make her get a strike. The only thing that can describe her throwing motion would be Ha-dou-ken (down, down-towards, towards + punch). Of course, she had absolutely no accuracy and even managed to toss the ball so violently against the rail that it bounced off, and landed in the area between two lanes. Ryu and Ken have nothing on her.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wedding Bells

Today's wedding was an interesting affair. It was not held in a church, instead if was a nice small wedding taking place at a residence. The priest did a good job overall, however, while he was reading the vows, he made the groom repeat after him. This sounded strange as the priest spoke in third person... as a result we have the following exchange:

Priest: Do you Jane Doe take John Doe as your wife?
John Doe: Do you Jane Doe take John Doe as your wife?
Priest: Do you John Doe promise to be faithful, love her forever, random other mushy stuff.
John Doe: Do you John Doe promise to be faithful, love her forever, random other mushy stuff.

This went on until the very end. Many people were kinda puzzled as to why exactly the groom was speaking of himself in third person (all hail Atlantia! my brotherans....). The priest caught on quickly though, and did not ask the bride to repeat after him.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Prestigious Award

Seems like the good folks down at Forbes magazine ranked the 10 most overpriced cities to live in inside the United States. Seattle was again number 1 on this list. $320,000 for a average sized home...ouch. I am guessing they pay for the weather and trees as much as they do for the house.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

False Advertising

I recently purchased some new headphones that were advertised as being the "most comfortable headset ever". It was designed for sessions of long gaming using TS or Ventrilo. Some reviews raved that "It felt like I wasn't even wearing a headset!" Well, I tried them on last night and apparently, by "most comfortable," they meant most comfortable compared to duct-taping speakers to your ears. In under 30 min, I could already feel the pressure this headset exerted on my ears. I'll give it a couple more days and see if the plastic band expands or something to fit better. If not, then they will become "the most comfortable headset" ever returned.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The early wurm gets the bird

Last night's venture into Dreadnought's Rift was certainly an amusing one. Our goal was to capture the elite skill "Feast of Corruption" for Patronus. Little did we know the evil that the programmers had in mind. We went into Dreadnoughts with a fairly high morale boost. Soon all that changed as groups of Hill Giants and Dwarves made short work of us and quickly reduced our Morale Boost to a 60% Death Penalty. Things kept popping out of nowhere and we found ourselves dying repeatedly. Luckily, we could still kill at least some of the enemies so through repeated deaths, we were able to make slow but somewhat steady progress. Eventually when we reached the spawn area, we realized that whoever designed this level must have a grudge on all society as the spawn area was surrounded by about 20+ giants. Through some stroke of luck though, we managed to isolate the wurm, but it still killed us 2 more times. Finally, the wurm decided he had lived long enough and decided to get stuck on a rock and only attack the warriors. We killed it quickly thereafter and Patronus got the skill. Overall, I think the moral of the story is that wurms suck, there is just nothing you can do about it.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Algerian Figs!

Congratulations to Hugh Laurie for his recent Emmy Nomination. Since I hardly ever watch TV, I actually have no clue what categories or how the criteria is judged for this prestigious award. For those of you interested, here is a exerpt from his post nomination interview.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Recently a good friend returned home from California. I haven't seen him for over a year and am probably gonna head on over to his place. Not only is this catch up time on how he's been, it's also time to spread the House epidemic. For those of you who don't know, House is a TV show featuring Hugh Laurie as a cocky, narcissistic doctor who relentlessly torments his team of specialist doctors, boss, and best friend. He gets all the cases that other doctors cannot solve and manages to not only cure the patient, but does so in a brilliant and dramatic way. The dialog is excellent and the pace is great. I recommend everyone check it out.

Friday, July 15, 2005

New Headphones!

Recently, because of severe trauma, my headphone integrity has been compromised. I can only hear from the left speaker. To remedy this situation, I have decided to purchase this. Yes, it's a bit pricy, but what sold me was it is designed for prolonged use and is supposed to be "ultra comfortable." Maybe it will be so comfortable that it will become an extension of my head.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

GW Capes

For those of you who don't know, I am a huge guildwars player enthusiast addict maniac. Recently, we decided to merge guilds with another group of friends. Here are 5 images that a fellow guild member suggested for the new capes.


Yep yep, this will be (hopefully) a blog that I keep updated on a regular basis. It's just for random thoughts and conversations that occur during the course of a day. Hope you all find it interesting and please, don't call the insane asylum, I have already been rejected as "untreatable"

Dragon Fist

During my visit to Seattle, many interesting topics were brought up during casual conversation with Patronus. One of the most interesting involved her brilliant plan of a movie.

We were having dinner at a local chinese place and the topic drifted to movies. Patronus decided that she wanted to make a movie about Chinese food because it has never been done before. This being a completely original idea, I started to ask about the specifics. Sooo, apparently, this ancient (emphasis on ancient) chinese Taichi master had a secret chinese food recipe that would allow girls to magically become younger. Because of the ramifications of this recipe, this master hid the recipe in an ancient forgotten tomb surrounded by the most deadly traps known to man.

As with all forgotten tombs, it doesn't remain forgotten for long as some bumbling person (who happens to know kung fu and is a master chef) stumbles upon the tomb and despite the deadly traps that have killed hundreds of highly skilled adventurers, manages to secure the recipe.

Of course, the government finds out and a conspiracy to kill him occurs. We stopped discussion at this point about the plot and the topic shifted to a title for this movie. Obviously, because of the very original topic, very little hype would be needed to guarantee a blockbuster; but a catchy title would still be helpful. Little did I know she already had a name planned out: Dragon Fist.

Addendum: Because we happened to be discussing Tom Cruise that day and how awful "The War of Worlds" was, we decided to cast him as the Kung fu Master Chef. We also cast Mr. Miyagi as the Taichi Master.