Friday, July 31, 2009

Lost in Translation

While Microsoft does a commendable job with their Bing translator, it is certainly not without fault. While not on the same order of magnitude as this, it does create a certain amount of hilarity:

增轶可#1歌迷! -> It is difficult to imagine the world better than i do like the man who had Yi-may.* cough * but authoring this MTV who busy of too much time! i never accept defeat!
Hmmm, okay, this one might give people the wrong impression since I don't particularly like men, especially those who ate Yi-may. It kinda got the last line backwards as well but that's just being knitpicky.

Field of Greens -> Today to the field of Greens ate supper.Eat, healthy and delicious.Every time eating always feel should develop into town.Sure can make a lot of money.When the next time everyone come in Houston-Vo, please remind me to take you to go eat!
Did a good job on this one, minus the slightly cannibalistic mention of Utopian society where everyone eats each other.

Wii 网球!-> My company's every few months will celebrate the birthday of the staff.Celebration time will have the cake.Sometimes there are some plenary activities or games.This activity is Wii tennis game.We have a total of eight teams in a bloody battle! watch today's few field scrim, bloody battle turned a bunch of erhu.
Bloody battle becomes duel of erhu. Sounds like I work at a company full of Wu Xia characters! Sadly, No, that would be too awesome even by my standards!

1,240 个气球->Everybody likes a good prank. Recently, some of my same makes the nasty messing up their boss. when he came into Office, the boss facial expressions too funny! unfortunately, if the balloon contain hanging gourds used SOAP friction instead of gas is even more ridiculous la!
Starts out pretty well, then goes off the deep end about balloons containing hanging gourds and soap friction.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


很难想象世界上还有比我更喜欢曾轶可的人。*cough* 可是创作这个MTV的人好像闲的时间太多啦!我认输!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Girls Round of 10 Part2: Review

Here's how the ranking filed out this Friday and my impressions:
1 郁可唯 Yu Kewei - Incredibly awesome voice, is obviously the most talented voice-wise in the entire competition. Have not heard her miss a note. Has very good vocal range. At this point, I would say she's the favorite to win the competition. Here are her first and second songs.

2 江映蓉 Jiang Yingrong - She was voted the cover model this week. Her singing was not so good for the first song and much better on the second, but to be blunt, I think she got the sympathy vote this week because she lost like 15 lbs in a week for the competition. Here are her first and second songs.

3 潘辰 Pan Chen - Sucked last week and came back strong this week. Not sure why or how since her first song was terrible. I totally felt the first song after hearing it. That's not a good thing. To her credit, her second piano song was much better. Her first and second songs.

4 刘惜君 Liu Xijun - Her singing is pretty good. She doesn't seem to have anything particular that stands out. Well, except she kinda looks like a lifeless zombie on the stage if you look at her face..those pupil-less eyes...Here are her first and second songs.

5 潘虹樾 Pan Hongyue - She's kinda erratic. Sometimes she does a decent job, usually it's pretty bad. She also relies on her dancing ability more than her singing ability. Her first song was especially forgettable this round but for some reason, the crowd seemed to love it. This is also a song that made me feel the title after it was over. If it wasn't for 曾轶可's rather lackluster performances this week, she would have lost her 5th place. Her first and second songs.

6 李霄云 Li Xiaoyun - I like her voice a lot. This week, she brought back the guitar for her first song and promptly sucked it up. The song choice was bad and the execution was a bit flawed. However, she saved her best song for the challenge round where she was nearly flawless. She missed her first high note, but after that, it was awesome. She won the challenge and switched places with 李媛希. Her first and second songs.

7 谈莉娜 Tan Lina - Can't sing but has good dance moves and people think she is sexy. Basically your generic Britney Spears archetype. I don't like her at all as she has nothing unique about her, except maybe bad singing. Luckily the mostly male crowd found her and her motorcycle more sexy than competitor 黄英 so she kept her spot during the challenge. Here are her first and second songs.

8 黄英 Huang Ying - She definitely has a very unique voice. She sings almost a yodeling style. It's very good for singing classic folk songs, but sadly, not so good for singing more modern pop songs. She's kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place in that if she sings folk songs, people say she's too singular. However, if she sings modern pop songs, they say she loses a bit of her unique style. Here are her first and second songs.

9 李媛希 Li Yuanxi - I think another of those contestants who relies more heavily on looks than singing ability. However, unlike 谈莉娜, she actually has pretty decent singing skills. She did very well in her individual competition but ran into a buzz-saw (李霄云) in the challenge round. I don't think any of the other challengers had a chance against 李霄云 with the way she sang. Here are her first and second(starts at 3:50) songs.

10 曾轶可 Zeng Yike - So we get to the most controversial contestant. You either love her or you absolutely hate her. I tend to be in the former. Yes, she can't sing that well, her guitar skills are rather meh, but she just has this creative charm and style. She writes her own music and almost always performs them as part of the competition. No flashy dance moves or backup singers. Just she and her guitar. Last week, she performed rather well, but this week she was pretty terrible. The first song was sung HORRIBLY and showcased her sub par singing talent. The second song was much better, but still wasn't close to her usual performing form. The oddest thing was she changed the lyrics from "sleeping with you" to "cooking with you." Seriously, wth??? This totally makes no sense in the flow of the song. Is "sleeping" just too risque or something? Maybe she was going for the double entendre...Here are her first and second songs.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Field of Greens

今天又到Field of Greens吃了晚饭。吃得又健康又好吃。每次吃的时候总是觉得应该发展到城里。肯定可以赚很多钱。下次大家来Houston-VO时,请提醒我带你们到那哪里去吃!

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Round Flame out

Sadly, my team flamed out in the first round against a team composed of just-out-of-college interns....Damn their superior hand-eye coordination and lack of respect for their elders! The management team was similarly defeated in the first round by a group of soon to be ex-employees. The infrastructure team ended up winning a thrilling final against the Oracle DBA team. Yes, the same infrastructure team that won the company basketball tournament. I swear they are using PEDs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wii 网球!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1,240 个气球

人人都喜欢一个好的恶作剧. 最近我的一些同使狠狠恶搞了他们的老板.当他走进办公室时,老板脸上的表情简直太好笑了!很遗憾,要是气球里装的是挂瓠子用的肥皂摩而不是气就更可笑拉!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


我一般对这种像American Idol类似的比赛没有兴趣,但是前几天PP一直在“快乐女生"里面的曾轶可.我听了听她的歌后觉得她的创意能力非常强.虽然唱工可以进步可是他在比赛里唱的都是自己写的歌.我很欣赏和佩服.听听她的歌:多余的流星!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


今天早上我和PP大早起床到Kemah Boardwalk玩了玩.本来想散散步然后在某一个海鲜餐馆吃午饭,但是所有好看的景点十一点才开门.我们是九点到的可是天气已经非常热.加上大太阳的晒,外面简直热得受不了!原来Rita前Kemah Boardwalk都是木头桥.可以一直走到海上去,可是Rita把它们都吹坏了.真的是很遗憾.因为这些,我们了三十分钟就回家了.以后还是晚上去好!

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Monday, July 13, 2009


中国政府好像把Blogspot频蔽了!这才是为设么这么长时间没有更新。 花了29小时才赶回来。现在暂时休息,明日再写!